Upgrading RPD to OBIEE 11g with the obieerpdmigrateutil

For a Project I had to take a look at an older RPD Version (10g) in order to prepare an Upgrade to Oracle BI 11g. Oracle delivers the Upgrade Assistant for this Task. However, that requires a Running BI server where the new content is deployed to. Since I just wanted to take a look at this on my Laptop I tried the obieerpdmigrateutil.exe for this Task. Since this is command line and just produces a 11g Version on the File System. I’ve placed a copy of the 10g RPD in C:\tmp\SH_PartTwo.rpd.

For every client Installation there is an OBIEE command line interface which already has set all environment Variables and is placed in the Windows Start Menu:

When accessing the Tool (obieerpdmigrateutil.exe) via the Windows CMD I got some errors first about the not set ORACLE_INSTANCE Environment variable, but when setting the Oracle Instance Variable it works fine, too. To set the Oracle Instance variable type in the CMD “Session”: SET ORACLE_INSTANCE=D:\ORCL\MW_BI\instances\instances1 (in my Installation Example..)

But using the Start Menu Entry for the “OBIEE Prepared CMD” easy & fine:

I’ve than used the following code:

obieerpdmigrateutil.exe -I C:\tmp\SH_PartTwo.rpd -O C:\tmp\SH_PartTwo11g.rpd –U Administrator -L C:\Tmp\OBI_RPD_UserGroups.LDIF

This produced the following Output to the File system:

SH_PartTwo11g.rpd (OBIEE Version Build 325 Password=password1)

It took me a bit remembering the old default Username and Passwords used in the 10g Times. The Administration User (now Weblogic) was Administrator and the most used default Password was: SADMIN, Administrator or blank.

Default Administration User for 10g/11g Default Passwords:
Administrator SADMIN, Administrator, blank
Weblogic password1, Welcome1, Admin123

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