really don’t use RTD installer bundled with Oracle BI 11g Suite

There are currently “two” Versions, or Installers available for RTD, 11g and 3.2. While the 11g labelled Version is bundled with the Oracle BI Suite and actually is the 3.2 version, it is not recommended to use this Installer:


After trying to use 11g labelled RTD from the Oracle BI Suite 11g installer, I experienced a variety of errors and Issues when trying to start & run RTD.

After visiting the website again, I discovered a mild warning (recommendation from Oracle) “Oracle Real-Time Decisons 3.2 is the recommended release for both Platform and Applications.” on the RTD download page:


This recommendation can be emphasized! Do not use the 11g installer of RTD to avoid a series of errors with the 11g labelled version and use the 3.2 version instead. The upper link for 3.x version should be used to get to the 3.2 Installer of RTD:


Once a new version of RTD is released (post 3.2) the Issues with the bundled version might not exist with the 11g version of RTD.

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