Top number of Siebel CRM installed Users

Every larger Company requires a CRM system to structure and standardize their customer facing process. The CRM system can be classified by many criteria:

  • breath of functionality
  • Interfaces
  • Number of Users

Most companies do not even use the CRM System as the Master system for their Customer data, but essential to relate certain other data to the customer e.g. Service Requests, Activities such as call the customer and store the summary of the call or even to track the Orders and the Order status (Order Management). Hence, the breath of the CRM system may vary depending on how much functionality is actually handled by the system. Same CRM system might actually only be used very thin e.g. to store the incoming claims and scan the documents or archive the emails for the claim and the related corresponds. Other CRM system might have a very high number of interfaces to other system e.g. billing, CDR, etc to provide a 360° degree view of the customer. Some other CRM systems might have a very high/low number of Employees using the system. When deploying a CRM System within B2C Companies, such as Insurance or Telecom many internal Users require access to the system to conduct their daily Job, while some other function like Marketing only require a very low number of Users within the Headquarter to actually create a Marketing campaign and execute the campaign.

The below diagram shows the size for some sample customers with Siebel CRM and their internal User size:



A very interesting insight describing the effort needed to maintain such a high number of users can be found in the following video (only in german):

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