Importing Campaign Members with direct database method

The standard (EAI Workflow) loads the Campaign Members using segment definition from Oracle BI with a file based process to Siebel CRM:

Within this process the Oracle BI Server generates the Campaign Member file (according to the Load List format definition) and the the Siebel EAI Workflow imports the file to the Siebel Campaign Membership Table (S_CAMP_CON).

Using the standard configuration, the Oracle BI Server will generate only one large file containing all records (possibly millions) which will be loaded using one process (threat) to Siebel. It’s also possible to split up the files into multiple batches, allowing Siebel to load the files in parallel (multiple threats):
To improve the performance further there is also the option to directly write to the Siebel Database without using the standard Siebel EAI Workflow process for scenarios with a very high performance requirement for the campaign load, documented in Support note: Understanding Campaign Load Process in version 8.x and 8.1.x (Doc ID 1321528.1) 

This can be selected on the Load List format Options tab by selecting Database as “Repository choice”:
The Oracle BI server then uses the Siebel Marketing OLTP Database Connection Pool to directly write to the Campaign Membership Table (S_CAMP_CON):

Since this method completely bypasses the Standard Workflow, the load list format needs to be adapted to include Siebel Technical Columns (rather then the Integration Object attribute names), the generation of a Siebel like Row-Id such as “1-45…” and possibly also perform some lookups for the default Organization (OU_ID).

Further documentation about this direct database method for Siebel Campaign Loads can be found in the following support notes:

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