provide access to OTBI and BI Administration Role

Fusion Application Cloud users can access the Reporting and Analytics (OTBI) module via the Fusion Sitemap listed under “Tools”:


This opens the embedded Analytics Catalog which contains all items for each domain such as Human Capital Management:


To grant access to Reporting and Analytics the Cloud Admin User or another User having received the “IT Security” Role can provide access to OTBI:


And needs to assign at least the Employee Role to the respective User to access Reporting and Analytics:


To grant the BI User “OTBIUser” also the BI Administration Role requires to follow the TechNote from Cloud R12 and onwards as the standard BI Roles (such as BI Author or BI Consumer) can’t be assigned to Users directly anymore. Instead it is required to create a custom Role based on the standard (OOTB) Role and assign the custom role to the User to act e.g. as BI Administrator.



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