understanding calculation for Days of Absence

To Analyse the Days of Absence for Workers, the Absence information is extracted and loaded into a dedicated Star (W_ABSENCE_EVENT_F) of the BI Applications data model. A simple Report on the days of Absence and absence occurrences looks like the following from the Report Builder (Answers):


This can also be restricted to a individual worker and a specific time period by applying additional filters in the Report Builder:


This Report then return the following filtered results:


This is based on the Fact for Absence:


The Absence Days are calculated based on the DAYS_DURATION column for the selected period from 2017/07/06 until 2017/07/17. Thus, each duration will be counted for the selected period regardless of the start or end date of a an Absence event (First column). If the worker was not scheduled to work of a certain days such as 7.7. and 8.7. then these days will not be counted as days of Absence. The Absence occurrences are calculated on the ABS_OCCRNC_DAY column.

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