ODI 11g and Java location

Oracle Data Integrator 11g requies Java to run and install. This is required when performing the installation from setup.exe of location ofm_odi_generic_11.\Disk1. Depending on your system, the Install may show the following error:

Error: Provide the JDK/JRE location while launching the installer. Invoke the setup.exe with –jreLoc

with below Error Message:


The JDK location needs to be specified while running the setup.exe from a MS-Dos (CMD) Window. However, the path may not contain any spaces! If Java has been installed in the default location like C:\Program Files\Java\ , then the path must be expressed like C:\Progra~1\java\ while invoking the setup.exe:

C:\Users\****\Downloads\ofm_odi_generic_11.\Disk1>setup.exe -jreLoc C:\Progra~1\java\jdk1.8.0_171


This will then allow the installer to run properly.


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