Exporting & Importing BICC from one environment to another

Within BICC the PVO is associated with the Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) offering:

E.g. the below example shows that CrmAnalyticsAM.ActivitiesAM.ActivityObjectives is associated with: Human Resource, Sales and Service. Thus, the PVO will be included in these OBIA modules and a text file containing the data will be placed on UCM:


The configuration/customizations done in BICC can also be exported using the top right menu:


which will provide a zip file e.g. exportCust_2019-02-06_09_57_58.zip

The zip file contains multiple .csv file which export the configuration of BICC:


However, none of these backup files will contain the assocation between a PVO and a out-of-the-box (seeded) OBIA offering like Human Resource, Sales or Service. These backup files would only contain a PVO which is associated with a newly (custom) created offering:


In practical terms this means, that in order to export/import the association of PVOs with offerings from one environment to another, a new offerings needs to be created and that all the PVOs that should be included must be manually added to this new offering.

Thus, there is not a possibility to deploy all customization conducted in BICC from one environment to another.

Other customization like deselecting attributes from PVOs (to not include them in the BICC extract) are part of the export/import functionality and thus can be deployed from one environment to another.

1 thought on “Exporting & Importing BICC from one environment to another

  1. Hi, Is it possible to export a single customized offering if I want?
    and how can I import a custom offering into another environment.


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