Advanced Analytics within Oracle Cloud Services

when using Oracle Autonomous ADW it supplies Oracle Machine Learning (OML) which is based on Zeppelin Notebooks and currently allows to use only SQL. Thus, any advanced analytics will be translated to SQL/PLSQL language of the Oracle Database and only provide advanced analytics functions as supported by the Oracle Database. There are also future plans to provide Python within OML. This will have the advantage that data is not kept in-memory  of a local machine (that is running Python), but natively in the database within tables and thus allow much higher data volumes compared with local machines, i.e. desktops or laptops. Thus, the Zeppelin Notebooks may allow using Python.

The previous labeled Big Data Cloud Service (BDCS) which provided Hadoop and HDFS with Cloudera Management will be shifted to OCI and re-labeled to Big Data Service (BDS).

The currently available Big Data Cloud (Compute Edition) (BDC-CE) is not considered a strategic service.

Jupiter Notebooks may work with BDS in the future.

This is very good news for Data scientist wishing to use Python instead of R within the Oracle Cloud.



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