People and Processes

The data for Analytics is often created during the execution of a Business Process. And certain steps of a business Process are linked with a KPI e.g. in a Sales Process the # of Orders and the Order amount ($). The following slides shows this relationship for a sample business process that may run within the Oracle Cloud:


For each Business Process there are different types of Users/Actors responsible in the following main Roles:


Every Analytical Use case (or Project) should have a definition of the Business Process, the KPIs within the Process and the Roles above.



Activate the Oracle Cloud after signing the contract (Order Document):

The Steps to initially activate the Oracle Cloud after purchasing are describes below:

With the activation the customer chooses the Account Name (or actually Tenant Name) of their Service, that will be displayed in all subsequent URLs and in the background the Oracle Cloud is physically provided within the chosen Data Center region e.g. EMEA and the Cloud Console will be made available (via DNS configuration in the Oracle Cloud) with the specified Account Name and services like IDCS (Identity Domain Service) are started to maintain the User(s). The Person who conducts this initial activation is also the Cloud Service Administrator and from now on the only person to be able to add further Users as Cloud Service Administrators.

After completion of the steps from the activation link, the user receives another e-mail to his e-mail address with a provisioned user (from IDCS) and a new temporary password to change on the next login.

Provision individual Oracle Cloud Services, such as ADW

The steps to provision Services are described below:

Actions after signing in:

reset configuration of Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer stores all configuration within the User’s App roaming folder. This Folder is hidden but it can be reached when adding

\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer

as postfix to the user folder:


Each version of SQL Developer stores the configuration as a sub-folder. Deleting (or remaming) this folder will reset SQL Developer to the “stock” version.


Get Started with EPM Cloud Planning

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