determining size of folders in linux

within the terminal Linux will not display the complete folder and file sizes traversed below the folder, but only the folder size of the folder itself:
to display the complete size occupied by the folder and all sub folders and files below the folder similar to windows explorer, the following command can be used:

du -sh /opt/oracle/obiee/



IP Configuration for Virtual box


Virtual Box IP configuration for host and guest machine

  1. check virtual machine’s IP address
  2. set the Network adapter of the virtual machine to host only (restart VM afterwards for changes to take effect)
  3. set the host machine IP address of the host only Network adapter within the correct IP range of the virtual machines IP address
  4. ping the Virtual machine to validate configuration

Network traffic Analyser to check web tracking

For many companies it’s important to track their website visitors and by this know their visitors better to make them tailored Offers. Taking the example of a French car manufacturer that uses several tracking software technology for their main website:

This traffic can be investigated using the web development tool set of a modern Browser such as Firefox by selecting the Network traffic analyser:

This view lists the initiated traffic from the website to display (render) the page including all the request to track the visitor:
Besides analyzing the website with the Network inspector of Firefox, it’s also possible to use a tool like Ghostery to analyze the website for Trackers.

Importance of collaboration

When using external resources for an IT-Project it is important to understand the definition and split of work between the own internal IT Organization and the external Consulting Party according to their abilities while both Parties share a common accountability for the end result. A simplified distribution of abilities could look like the following:
Based on this the abilities the work within a Project should be split between both Parties.

Digital Transformation and the Cloud

Many markets currently see a movement towards digital services offered by Start-ups Companies. While this is not a new shift e.g. eBay for second hand /Used articles, it now also arrives at less elastic markets like the Financial Services. Since this also means a shift of revenue streams, the current market incumbents (like Deutsche Bank) try to react  by introducing Digital Labs within their Company to offer the same kind of service to their customer base.

However, there are a few Pre-requisites for offering good & competitive digital services:

  • Agile culture & development methods
  • Networking capabilities within the markets and required suppliers (digital supply chain)
  • Data-driven decisions

The above pre-requisites are probably best supported by a Cloud solution rather then a on-Premise Solution. For Cloud Applications the customer does not need to take care of all the layers below, since HW, OS, Virtualization etc. are provided as a service. Also the deployment off a new Application version is much faster. Given that most data is now generated by devices or interactions of the User many surrounding entities such as Twitter or Facebook are available from the Cloud via a interface, Channel or Cloud Adapter. This data can also be analysed directly within the Cloud making data-driven decision much easier.

Companies who are reacting quickly to this change and execute this change along their customers might be able to become the new platform in a more and more automated exchange of data between different participating parties.