Use Case: Kraft Heinz Company Implements Zero-Based Budgeting

The Kraft Heinz Company implements a Zero-Based Budgeting using Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPM Cloud). Instead of distributing the Budget to each department of the company based on the previous period, the Budget is distributed based on clear initiatives which are evaluated and ranked.

Thus, each department needs to issue a list of initiatives which are ranked within the company. Using the determined priority, the Budget is allocated to each department. This avoids sanctioning of departments which implement efficiencies within the current period and would receive a reduced Budget for the next period.

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Use Case: la Caixa Bank with RTD and Business Intelligence


Another interesting Use Case from Spanish based Bank la Caixa, using Oracle Real-Time Decisioning and Oracle Business Intelligence to enable a culture of understanding within the Bank and using Oracle algorithms to recommend Products & services to their customers. This personalization allows converting normal customers to loyal customers as each individual receives individual offerings based on their preferences.

la Caixa


Use Case and Industry Example–Healthcare

All the investments made (especially) into Backoffice Applications or Systems like Analytical Applications need to demonstrate a Business Benefit by either reducing Costs or somehow positively influencing the Revenue.

Surely some Use Cases or Industries as a whole are more suited than others.

The Healthcare Industry often moves very large amounts of many for Services provided. However, the bill is usually not paid by the recipient of the Service, but the public Healthcare Provided. This construction might lead to a higher fraud within the System, thus providing a very good Use Case to invest in.

The NHS BSA (Business Service Authority) is located in Newcastle upon Tyne and is the Service Provider for the NHS (National Health Service of the UK).20150224_170220

The NHS BSA has invested within a Oracle Analytical Product Stack Oracle Advanced Analytics, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) in 2015.

They’ve reported to uncover GBP 100 Million in Potential savings after the first three Month of this initiative.


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