Oracle Cloud Applications readiness for Fusion 19A

links to readiness content for Fusion 19A

Customer Experience

Human Capital Management

Adaptive Intelligent Apps

Internet of Things Apps

Enterprise Performance Management

the full set of readiness content can also be accessed from the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications homepage.

What’s New content by domain

Human Capital Management

Supply Chain Management

Common Technology

Customer Experience

Enterprise Resource Planning

Human Capital Management

Supply Chain Management


Accessing data in Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud for Analytics

The following diagram shows the high-level options to access data within Oracle Fusion Applications (FA) Cloud for Analytical purposes:

Please note: that this diagram is of April 2018 and may not apply in full in future.

For more details on how to connect to Oracle Fusion Applications (FA) Cloud using Visual Analyzer (VA) and DV Desktop (DVD), please reference the previous article.

The details for connecting to FA using ODI (with BI Applications) or BI Data-sync will be described in future articles.