This site lists the possibilities for testing Oracle Analytical offerings and Oracle Business Intelligence via:

Public Cloud Links for OAC:

The easiest way of using and testing Oracle BI is with the live instance (a hosted BI Environment by Oracle).

currently the following URLs exist:

OAC 105.4

DxD access

admin welcome1
OAC 105.3

DxD access

admin welcome1
BIApps 9.1 weblogic
ADW download access details

Hosted Live Link for Oracle BICS (BI Cloud Service):

BICS nfldemo Admi#123

Hosted Live Link for Oracle Analytics Cloud:

(beware: that this URL might be changed from time to time, please leave a comment in this case so that I can update the URL)

Other Options are listed and describe below:

  • Download of Installer (for self installation)
  • Pre-built Virtual Machine (for ready to use environment)
  • Privately hosting on Amazon PaaS
  • Temporary Environments (for time limited testing e.g. 3 hrs.)

Download of Installer:

The Complete Oracle BI EE and Oracle BI Applications can be Downloaded (with a Developer License free for Testing) from either Oracle’s e-Delivery or OTN.


Pre-Installed VMWARE

A Pre-Installed LINUX Image of the Software Package can be Downloaded from Oracle the Oracle Website, too. This Linux Image requires to download the Virtual Box Player and is not meant for any Production use!

The Image Content itself can be downloaded for V309 R2 here and for V506 here.

Private Hosted Environments

It’s also possible to setup a Hosted Environment in a Private Cloud manner. That is: The Virtual Box Image is hosted by e.g. Amazon. This is described in the following Articel:

Temporary Hosted Environments

one can also use a temporary hosted Environment. This is also hosted on Amazon, but only available for a short time (3 hrs.), but free of charge. Thus, ideal for playing around and testing without worrying to destroy and VM Configuration. The Information about this can be found:

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