Oracle BI EE 12c: Configuring first Oracle Database connectivity with TNS Names after installation

In case the oracle Database should be used by Oracle BI, the database connectivity must be configured after the installation using the Oracle Database driver and TNS Names configuration.

For the server machine

On the Server (where Oracle BI EE 12 is installed), the Installation routine of Oracle BI automatically ship’s a Instant Client Version of the Oracle Database Client (Database driver).
The files of the driver are located within the following directory:

On Linux/Unix On Windows Description oci.dll Client code library oraociei10.dll OCI Instant Client data shared library orannzsbb10.dll Security library

The TNS Names configuration that should be used by the Oracle BI Server has to be specified by the sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora which need to be placed within the following directory:


The following shows a example of the sqlnet.ora file:

And the following shows a example of the tnsnames.ora fiile:

Using above files the Oracle BI server should be able to connect to the database specified within the TNS Names file.

For the developer machine

The Oracle BI 12c Administration Tool (BI Developer Studio) requires the above (example) configuration files for sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora to be placed within the following directory of the client developer machine:

The TNS Name specified within the tnsnames.ora may then be used within the Connection Pool definition of the Oracle BI Metadata either by using the defined name or by using the fully qualified TNS Names entry. When refreshing the count of a database object such as a Table, the Oracle BI Server should then be able to retrieve the row count and display the row count within the Oracle BI Administration Tool:


In case of bug fixing, the log of the Oracle BI Administration Tool is located within the following path: