3rd Party Modules for Oracle Analytical Applications

Oracle already provides a wide range of Pre-built Analytical Applications. The Portfolio in this Area can be categorized in Horizontal and Vertical Analytical Applications. The Horizontal Applications cover most Domains of the three main acronyms of CRM, CRM and HCM:

And the Vertical Analytical Applications cover Retail, Communication, Financial Institutions, Airline Industry or Healthcare Industry:

But, even such a large Vendor like Oracle can’t provide a pre-built Solution for every Industry or for every Business Problem and following the switch from the BI Application Release (based on Informatica) to the new BI Application release 11g (based on ODI) some Vertical Modules have been discontinued. Hence, there is some space for the Oracle Partner Community to develop and sell additional Modules based upon the Oracle BI Analytics Platform. Currently I’ve found two Partners are offering additional Modules: KPI Partners and FCS-Inc.

The additional Modules from KPI Partners enhance mostly the ERP Area and can be found here:

One Example of this Extension can be found below for the FSG Reporting, which Generates a Financial Statement Report based on Data that is stored within the eBS ERP System and Integrated with the Financial Analytics Modul:

Most of these Modules are even Demonstrated or Documented using Webinars or Presentations. E.g. http://de.slideshare.net/kpipartners/webinar-manufacturing-analytics-for-oracle-bi-ebusiness-suite or http://www.kpipartners.com/webinar-depot-repair-analytics/ .

The Second Partner that produces Extensions is FCS-Inc. With a focus on Manufacturing Analytics:

This shows that even tough one Vendor maybe can’t provide a Pre-Built Solution for every Industry Area; the Architecture of the Product is so flexible that other specialized Partners can fill the Market gap.