Protecting Filters

The Protecting Filters Option in Oracle BI or Oracle Analytics Cloud is usually not used or needed. However, it may be required when using multiple Filters on the same Column (Subject area Field) and using Action Links as Drill-down navigation or in conjunction with Dashboard Prompts.


The following is an example scenario without protecting the Filters: On the Detailed Report, the following Operators are defined:


When making the Drill-down from the Top Report using the Action-link Drill-down navigation:


The Filter Operators are overwritten by the internal Background process for navigating to the Detail Report (compare Operator which is “is equal to / is in” which should have been “is less than or equal to” from Report definition):


After selecting “Protect Filter” the Operator is protected from the Background navigation process and the intended Operator is used on the Detailed Report:


This feature is also described in the following article:

Integration Siebel Marketing & Eloqua

Oracles acquisition of Eloqua provides very different possibilities to Marketing Users compared with the classical Marketing solution of Siebel. While Siebel Marketing historically focused on classical offline Campaign channels such as direct mail or phone with enhancements over the Years e.g. e-mail or landing pages, Eloqua is native digital Marketing Solution having support for Channels like Facebook. Hence, there is no Oracle Roadmap or statement of direction to replace Siebel Marketing functionality with Eloqua, but rather a model of co-existence where Siebel Marketing should be used for classical Marketing and Eloqua for digital Marketing.


A analyst article highlighting the features for Eloqua can be found here.
Both products allow to define the target group of the Campaign via a Segmentation designer:
Eloqua vs. Siebel Segmentation

Customers already having Siebel Marketing can use the following process to integrate Siebel Marketing with the Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua). This allows to use the same segments and same customer data to define a target group and execute Campaigns in  digital channels provided by Eloqua.

Since Siebel Marketing itself uses the Oracle Business Intelligence Server to access the Segmentation data, the same interfaces/process may be used from Eloqua for accessing the same data. The Oracle Business Intelligence Server offers a web service API described in a previous post which can also be invoked by Eloqua e.g. to use a previously defined Segment in Siebel Marketing.

To integrate Siebel with Eloqua (Step “Load Segments to Eloqua”) the Oracle BI Server can generate the Members of a segment based on segment criteria definition using the writeListFiles SOAP call. The definition of this SOAP call is described with the xsd:

Below is an example of this call using the Oracle BI Action framework to demonstrate the outside call and passing of parameters:

The format of the generated file that contains the target group members of the Segment can be defined using the Load List format:

The generated file can then be loaded into Eloqua as the Campaign members.

To summarize: Eloqua may be integrated with Siebel Marketing and can access Segment’s defined with Siebel Marketing and access the same data as Siebel Marketing. Eloqua can use the same APIs that are also used by Siebel Marketing provided by Oracle BI to generate a list of campaign members and load these members as target group into a Campaign in Eloqua for executing a campaign in digital channels.

Further information can be found here: