IT disrupting Organizational Pillars

From a Software Vendor perspective (like Oracle or SAP) most Organizations follow a disjoint approach on the Business or “Go To Market” Model.

Each Organization can be devided into three Pillars:

  • Planning
  • Operative (Execution)
  • Analytical

And within each Pillar different Software Vendor Products are used to organize and share the data. This might be Excel for Planning purposes or a Purchasing System for buying required Products.


The Planning and Analytical excersice is often done for many Supported HR or ERP Processes. E.g. Planning on Sales and Analysis of the Sales data. However, the Sales data might be stored in a different System then the HR data and even the HR data might be spread across different System to facilitate Workforce Management and Recruiting.

Of course, this is not only disruptive to the Business but also very complex (& Expensive) in nature.

As Oracle can be considered as one of the two “Full Stack” Vendors the Solution to this Problem is one broad set of Software Solutions that cover as much as possible of the required Functionality and to Integrate the Organizational Pillars and the different Operational Business Units.


To even reduce the Technical Complexity further, Oracle offers all its Fusion Products as part of the Cloud Solution. Meaning the Software is provided to the Business using a simple web Interface over the Internet.