Error with DVD and DVML when installing in directory with spaces

It is recommended to install Oracle DVD into a directory without any spaces. While the installation of DVD will work for a directory with spaces like “C:\Program Files\Oracle\Data Visualization Desktop”, the subsequent installation of Oracle DVML will not work for the same. When installing DVML after installing DVD to a directory without spaces, the following error will be thrown:

"C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\BiPython_Framework.exe" is not recognized as command file.
Could Not Find C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\BiPython_Framework.exe
Error: Unable to access jarfile C:\PROGRA~1\Oracle\Data

This behavior is also describes in below Oracle Support Note:

DVML install fails for users with a space in Username Profile (Doc ID 2509892.1)

If the installation into the Program Files directories (like “C:\Program Files” or “C:\Program Files (x86)”) of Windows is intended, the following workaround can be applied to install DVD and DVML into a directory with spaces:

within script:

…\Oracle Data Visualization Desktop\install_dvml.cmd

add double quotes around below pathes (add double quotes shown in red below):

Line 20: … -jar %BI_PRODUCT_HOME%\modules\\rinstall.jar -download=true       …
Line 27: … -jar %BI_PRODUCT_HOME%\modules\\rinstall.jar -updateDVMLJSON=true

Afterwards the installation of DVML should run without errors.