Oracle BI 12c: fixing installation issue

While trying to install Oracle BI 12c we were facing an Issue during the Configuration of the Oracle BI Domain on the Weblogic Server. This is typically the last step of the Installation where the Domain is configured and started.

During the Installation we received the following Error Message:

BI Configuration
Config Action BI Configuration failed

Configure BI Failed with Execution of [/opt/biee/oracle_common/common
/bin/, /opt/biee/bi/modules/,
/opt/biee, /opt/biee/user_projects/domains/bi, weblogic, Expanded,
serverhostname.lasg, 9502, 9503, ORACLE, oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver,
jdbc:oracle:thin:@//hostname:1521/, DEV,
jdbc:oracle:thin:@//hostname:1521/, ]
failed with exit value 1

When checking the detailed log files at the following location:


The log file also didn’t reveal much more:

Failed single shot step: Complete domain with: Execution of [/opt/
biee/oracle_common/common/bin/, /opt/biee/bi/modules/
configassistant/, /opt/biee, /opt/biee/user_project
s/domains/bi, weblogic, Expanded, serverhostname.lasg, 9502, 9503,
ORACLE, oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver, jdbc:oracle:thin:@//hostname:1530/, DEV, jdbc:oracle:thin:@//hostname:1530/DBservice.
world, ] failed with exit value 1

After verifying that the ports are not blocked by the firewall we found some similar Issue with the Oracle BI 12c Installation. By adding the following Parameter to the file we were able to fix this Issue, too.


<span style="font-family: Courier New;">if [ -d "${JAVA_HOME}" ]; then
eval '"${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java"' ${JVM_ARGS} weblogic.WLST '"$@"'
exit 1


After deleting the Domain Installation files within the User Project (Domain Folder):

e.g. /opt/biee/user_projects/domains/bi

And dropping the Internal Repository Tables using the RCU routine the Domain Installation step “Configure Domain” succeeded without the above error.