What is Income|Outcome?

Income|Outcome is a business simulation delivered as part of an in-class training series to teach the basics of business using a round based board game. The teams need to create certain products which are traded with the other teams at the end of each round. Having to high prices might lead to no sales whereas to low prices might secure sales but prohibit the ability to investment into efficiency measure. Teams might also offer deferred payments at a higher prices but these are then only due some rounds later.

class layout

The aim is to illustrate the coherence of business and the impact of business decisions. While there is no prescriptive winning strategy, it highlights the importance for understanding key (financial) indicators such as Cash flow, Receivables, Payables, Profit & Loss or Return on Assets.

VF 1 KPI Return on sale

Oracle also sees this importance’s for their Business Applications which hold all the transactional data and summarizes it as follows:

« Business Intelligence provides the methods to use the information that you have gathered in your E-Business/Siebel/Peoplesoft operational system to drive better business outcomes by executing your business processes more effectively. »

Most of the key (financial) indicators mentioned within the game are pre-calculated for the Oracle Applications with Oracle BI Applications, such as Financial Analytics.