Error with DVD and DVML when installing in directory with spaces

It is recommended to install Oracle DVD into a directory without any spaces. While the installation of DVD will work for a directory with spaces like “C:\Program Files\Oracle\Data Visualization Desktop”, the subsequent installation of Oracle DVML will not work for the same. When installing DVML after installing DVD to a directory without spaces, the following error will be thrown:

"C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\BiPython_Framework.exe" is not recognized as command file.
Could Not Find C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\BiPython_Framework.exe
Error: Unable to access jarfile C:\PROGRA~1\Oracle\Data

This behavior is also describes in below Oracle Support Note:

DVML install fails for users with a space in Username Profile (Doc ID 2509892.1)

If the installation into the Program Files directories (like “C:\Program Files” or “C:\Program Files (x86)”) of Windows is intended, the following workaround can be applied to install DVD and DVML into a directory with spaces:

within script:

…\Oracle Data Visualization Desktop\install_dvml.cmd

add double quotes around below pathes (add double quotes shown in red below):

Line 20: … -jar %BI_PRODUCT_HOME%\modules\\rinstall.jar -download=true       …
Line 27: … -jar %BI_PRODUCT_HOME%\modules\\rinstall.jar -updateDVMLJSON=true

Afterwards the installation of DVML should run without errors.

Installing Oracle R on Database VM Image

Download the Oracle Pre-Built Database Developer VMs from OTN.image
Import the extracted VM into Virtual Box and bootup the Virtual Machine. After starting the VM, the following screen is presented witin Virtual Box:
check the Linux Version of the Downloaded Virtual Machine with below command:

# uname -r

For this VM it is: 4.1.12-61.1.27.el7uek.x86_64, thus: Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.

Install R (distribution) for Oracle R Enterprise

Afterwards, switch user to root (Password is “oracle”) and navigate to the yum Repository configuration:
using the vi (i command for – – inserting- – Mode and Esc for exiting the insert Mode, save with :wq) update the following sections within the repo file:



Install R with the following command
this automatically downloads and performs the installation:

Installing Oracle R Enterprise Server

Add the Oracle Home Lib to the Library Path environment variable:
This can also be added to the ~/.bashrc
As next step, download the Oracle R Enterprise software from OTN.
And store to a installation directory e.g. /u01/ORE_Inst_Dir
and unzip the files:
Start the installation by running the installer:

Installing Oracle R Client

Unzip the Client zip files:
switch to root user and install all unzipped files:
Start Oracle R Client with the ORE command and load the Oracle R libaries with library(ORE). When loading the R libaries, the following error is thrown:

Loading required package: OREembed
Error in dyn.load(file, DLLpath = DLLpath, …) :
   unable to load shared object ‘/u01/app/oracle/product/’: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Error: package ‘OREembed’ could not be loaded


Since, the file is not available it needs to be installed:
[Thanks to the following article which features the same issue]

After installing the missing file, the ORE Libaries are loaded successfully within R:

Further references:

Official Oracle Documentation:

Oracle BI 12c: fixing installation issue

While trying to install Oracle BI 12c we were facing an Issue during the Configuration of the Oracle BI Domain on the Weblogic Server. This is typically the last step of the Installation where the Domain is configured and started.

During the Installation we received the following Error Message:

BI Configuration
Config Action BI Configuration failed

Configure BI Failed with Execution of [/opt/biee/oracle_common/common
/bin/, /opt/biee/bi/modules/,
/opt/biee, /opt/biee/user_projects/domains/bi, weblogic, Expanded,
serverhostname.lasg, 9502, 9503, ORACLE, oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver,
jdbc:oracle:thin:@//hostname:1521/, DEV,
jdbc:oracle:thin:@//hostname:1521/, ]
failed with exit value 1

When checking the detailed log files at the following location:


The log file also didn’t reveal much more:

Failed single shot step: Complete domain with: Execution of [/opt/
biee/oracle_common/common/bin/, /opt/biee/bi/modules/
configassistant/, /opt/biee, /opt/biee/user_project
s/domains/bi, weblogic, Expanded, serverhostname.lasg, 9502, 9503,
ORACLE, oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver, jdbc:oracle:thin:@//hostname:1530/, DEV, jdbc:oracle:thin:@//hostname:1530/DBservice.
world, ] failed with exit value 1

After verifying that the ports are not blocked by the firewall we found some similar Issue with the Oracle BI 12c Installation. By adding the following Parameter to the file we were able to fix this Issue, too.


<span style="font-family: Courier New;">if [ -d "${JAVA_HOME}" ]; then
eval '"${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java"' ${JVM_ARGS} weblogic.WLST '"$@"'
exit 1


After deleting the Domain Installation files within the User Project (Domain Folder):

e.g. /opt/biee/user_projects/domains/bi

And dropping the Internal Repository Tables using the RCU routine the Domain Installation step “Configure Domain” succeeded without the above error.