OAC: specifying the Connection string within rpd model

The following is a step-by-step guide to determine the Connection string for Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Database Cloud.

When logging into your Oracle Cloud Service using your identity Domain, a similar page is being displayed:


Click on the Action Menu of the Database Cloud Service and select “Open Service Console”.

This Page shows details about your Cloud Services such as OCPUs, Storage or Memory:


click on the Database Service Name to get to the Details Page:


This reveals the Public IP of the Oracle Cloud Database and the required Service Name.

Within the Oracle BI Administration Tool, the connection string needs to be created in the Data Source Name Field:


Using the following format:



After modelling the data and saving the .rpd file, the Model can be uploaded to the OAC Cloud:



The following Link shows the Oracle Cloud Public IP Addresses in order to create a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) between customers data centers and Oracle Cloud Data Centers:


Navigate to “Public IP Addresses for Your VCN”