ODI Studio: working with multiple environments in BI Apps

With ODI, a security configuration file (jps-config-jse.xml) and a wallet file (cwallet.sso) is needed to establish the connection to the WORK or MASTER Repository. These files can be retrieved from the ODI Server machine and need to be copied to each client Machine e.g. the Laptop that should connect to the Repository. With Oracle BI Applications, there is typically a multi environment setup like DEV, TEST and PRODUCTION. Each of these environments comes with its own security configuration and wallet file. These files need to be placed in the client directory of ODI e.g.:


There the patch to the security configuration files needs to be specified within the ODI Configuration file (odi.conf) with the following syntax:

AddVMOption -Doracle.security.jps.config=./jps-config-jse.xml


Since, each environment comes with its own security configuration file and wallet file you may need to replace these files to make the proper connection to the respective environment. Thus, the easiest approach is to create sub folders for each environment and copy and replace the files and needed:


The wallet file contains and encrypted code to make the database connection, while the security config file contains information on how to authenticate the User e.g. against a Weblogic component.


Accessing data in Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud for Analytics

The following diagram shows the high-level options to access data within Oracle Fusion Applications (FA) Cloud for Analytical purposes:

Please note: that this diagram is of April 2018 and may not apply in full in future.

For more details on how to connect to Oracle Fusion Applications (FA) Cloud using Visual Analyzer (VA) and DV Desktop (DVD), please reference the previous article.

The details for connecting to FA using ODI (with BI Applications) or BI Data-sync will be described in future articles.

ODI 12c: Upgrade Benchmarks

Please find below some Upgrade Benchmarks for upgrading the (Database) Repository for Oracle ODI 11g to ODI 12c using the ODI Upgrade Assistant which performs all necessary steps to convert the Repository e.g. upgrading the 11g interface to 12c mapping concept, as seen in below step:


Below is a table with the benchmarks for the respective Repositories:

Repository Repository Size in MB (measured by XML export size) Time duration
MASTER 150 33 Minuets
WORK REPO 1 250 15 Hours
WORK REPO 2 150 15 Hours

The Oracle support also features a Technote containing some tips to improve the process:

ODI Upgrade Hangs With Upgrade Progress Stucks at x% (Doc ID 1664300.1)