Referencing Oracle BI System Session variables

Oracle BI (OBIEE) provides multiple categories of Variables, such as:

  • Session
  • Repository
  • Presentation
  • Global

These different categories of variables need to be referenced using a specific syntax. However, the required syntax depends on the category of variable and the context. Below are examples for referencing Session variables in Analysis/Reports and within the narrative View. This is often useful for debugging scenarios or for performing unit test when creating complex formulas.

To reference a Session Variable within a Report use: VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.GROUP) like below:


To reference a Session Variable within a Narrative View use: @{biServer.variables[‘NQ_SESSION.GROUP’]} like below:


The complete code to reference the different Session variables (User, Group, Roles) is as follows:

[b]Derzeitiger User:[/b] @{biServer.variables['NQ_SESSION.USER']} [br/][br/]
[b]Derzeitiger Anzeigename:[/b] @{biServer.variables['NQ_SESSION.DISPLAYNAME']} [br/][br/]
[b]Derzeitiger Gruppen:[/b] @{biServer.variables['NQ_SESSION.GROUP']} [br/][br/]
[b]Derzeitiger Rollen:[/b] @{biServer.variables['NQ_SESSION.ROLES']} [br/]

For a exessive list of available Session variables check:

For general Overview check:

For short reference card check:

For Official Documentation check (11g):

How to create a direct database query with OTBI?

Within Oracle Fusion OTBI go to New > Analysis and click on Create Direct Database Query:


specify the connection Pool information within the editor:


The following connection pools can be entered:

  • HCM – ”HCM_OLTP”.”Connection Pool”
  • CRM – “CRM_OLTP”.”Connection Pool”
  • FIN and PROC – “FSCM_OLTP”.”Connection Pool”

Please note: when copying&pasting the connection pool names from WordPress, there may be an issue with the double quotes(“) and you may need to re-type the double quotes (“) within OTBI.

After that, a query may be entered for direct database execution on the Oracle Fusion Cloud (bundled) Database (identified by the Connection pool supplied before):


For a listing of all Physical Tables please refer to (only available for HCM):

This contains a Excel mapping with the Physical OTBI Tables:



For a full support note, please refer to:

For a similar approach using BI Publisher please check:

To check the general TechNote for OTBI and Fusion HCM, please refer to: