ODI 12c: Upgrade Benchmarks

Please find below some Upgrade Benchmarks for upgrading the (Database) Repository for Oracle ODI 11g to ODI 12c using the ODI Upgrade Assistant which performs all necessary steps to convert the Repository e.g. upgrading the 11g interface to 12c mapping concept, as seen in below step:


Below is a table with the benchmarks for the respective Repositories:

Repository Repository Size in MB (measured by XML export size) Time duration
MASTER 150 33 Minuets
WORK REPO 1 250 15 Hours
WORK REPO 2 150 15 Hours

The Oracle support also features a Technote containing some tips to improve the process:

ODI Upgrade Hangs With Upgrade Progress Stucks at x% (Doc ID 1664300.1)

Upgrading RPD to OBIEE 11g with the obieerpdmigrateutil

For a Project I had to take a look at an older RPD Version (10g) in order to prepare an Upgrade to Oracle BI 11g. Oracle delivers the Upgrade Assistant for this Task. However, that requires a Running BI server where the new content is deployed to. Since I just wanted to take a look at this on my Laptop I tried the obieerpdmigrateutil.exe for this Task. Since this is command line and just produces a 11g Version on the File System. I’ve placed a copy of the 10g RPD in C:\tmp\SH_PartTwo.rpd.

For every client Installation there is an OBIEE command line interface which already has set all environment Variables and is placed in the Windows Start Menu:

When accessing the Tool (obieerpdmigrateutil.exe) via the Windows CMD I got some errors first about the not set ORACLE_INSTANCE Environment variable, but when setting the Oracle Instance Variable it works fine, too. To set the Oracle Instance variable type in the CMD “Session”: SET ORACLE_INSTANCE=D:\ORCL\MW_BI\instances\instances1 (in my Installation Example..)

But using the Start Menu Entry for the “OBIEE Prepared CMD” easy & fine:

I’ve than used the following code:

obieerpdmigrateutil.exe -I C:\tmp\SH_PartTwo.rpd -O C:\tmp\SH_PartTwo11g.rpd –U Administrator -L C:\Tmp\OBI_RPD_UserGroups.LDIF

This produced the following Output to the File system:

SH_PartTwo11g.rpd (OBIEE Version Build 325 Password=password1)

It took me a bit remembering the old default Username and Passwords used in the 10g Times. The Administration User (now Weblogic) was Administrator and the most used default Password was: SADMIN, Administrator or blank.

Default Administration User for 10g/11g Default Passwords:
Administrator SADMIN, Administrator, blank
Weblogic password1, Welcome1, Admin123